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CIRCUIT Rule 509.05

19 JAN 2018 09:52
Info från UIM. I reglementet för rundbana regel 509.05 har det nu kommit en förtydligande text gällande tolkningen för regeln. Nedan finner du det.
  • Uppdaterad: 03 SEP 2018 08:34

509.05 (as of 15 January 2018)

All cockpits require a minimum 10 cm (4 in) clearance above the driver’s helmet, covering at least 50 % of the top of the helmet and at least 50 % of the side of the helmet with the driver’s head in the furthest aft position, as an integral part of the cockpit construction.

It is mandatory for new boats built after January 1st 2016, and recommended for all boats, the cockpit must afford a minimum of 10 cm (4in) clearance above the drivers helmet and extending laterally at least 45° from the vertical. See Figure 1


For integral load bearing canopies the canopy structures will provide the helmet coverage. The integral load bearing canopy structure will be at least as strong as the reinforced cockpit structure and provide a load path to transmit loading into the cockpit structure. That is, the canopy must be latched and hinged in such a way that it remains in place and is supported so that it acts as though it was part of the cockpit structure during an accident.



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